Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pixar Perfect

Backing up to Bonn, Germany...

On the evening of July 5, Dave and I were very lucky to be holding an invitation to the private opening of the new Pixar art exhibition, officially unveiled at the Bundeskunsthalle, in Bonn, on July 6. The show, entitled Pixar: 25 Years of Animation is a wonderfully thought-provoking, beautiful and carefully curated show that visually and simply documents the process of making a Pixar film. The displayed works range in media from digital painting to pastel, from pencil to gouache, and include both 2D and 3D pieces from Pixar's shorts and features through Brave.

The galleries, which were nicely organized to tell the "narrative" of the Pixar process, were also specifically painted in particular colors to set the work off to great effect. The energy was high in the gallery spaces that night and in the days that followed, as I visited to take notes and re-view the galleries.

Below, me at the opening with Christine F., my Pixar buddy and go-to-woman for all things Pixar. She has made all my trips to Emeryville both fun and super-productive. (Christine--you rock!)

Many of the subway stops en route to the museum had billboards publicizing the show. The very first image in this post is another such billboard. I liked the one above so much I bought a poster-sized version of it. (This image of Nemo is taken from one of Ralph Eggleston's small pastel studies for the film, which appears in the exhibition)

After the opening Dave and I joined the Pixar and museum staff for a lovely private dinner and each brought home a little piece of Pixar--Dave has a Sully figurine and Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) will soon defend my desk as he did my spot at dinner. The entire evening was special, and Dave and I felt privileged to be a part of it.

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