Monday, June 11, 2012

In honor of Beth's upcoming visit to Florence...Shoes!

Shoes, shoes and more outstanding shoes...all of which I would happily wear (for that small number of you wondering), but unfortunately my tenure raise doesn't quite run to $800+ shoes. SIGH. So instead, some window shopping.

Today, June 11, in the Moschino window (Please ignore my hideous, but comfortable shoes reflected in the window.)

Stop number 2--Valentino. These may be my favorite among the group. Not because I love bows on my shoes. I don't. However, these shoes are like a piece of elegant sculpture that can, in fact, be worn.

Lastly--and these are for Beth especially since they come from one of her favorite designers, Miu Miu. All I will say is...these shoes ROCK--in every sense of that word.

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