Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Poseur's Guide to Art: Lesson #2

The reaction to my haughty, know-it-all post (and who better to post something haughty and know it all than a poseur?) about our apartment's decor from my artist and art historian colleagues was fierce and to the point.  I am, apparently, a Philistine.  I have no aesthetic sense or refinement whatsoever.  (Sigh.)  Our apartment -- again, apparently -- isn't so bad.  Orange is the new (insert trendy color here).  So who am I to disagree with people who use and analyze color for a living?  Via Maggio 22 is the height of fashion!  (Clashing, stroke-inducing patterns be damned.)

So, I give you, loyal blog followers (a.k.a., Mom), my tribute to orange...

"Orange is the happiest color."  -Frank Sinatra
Mark Rothko, Orange and Yellow, 1956
This is pretty much the color scheme of our apartment.  (I know I'm no expert, but, really?  See what I mean?  Anyone?)

 The preceding implies absolutely no endorsement whatsoever of Syracuse University, the Big East, or -- cough -- the ACC, which sucks.  Go B1G!

You can't do orange without Beaker.  Come to think of it, you can't do much of anything fun without Beaker.  Click me.

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  1. Ah, refreshing, down-to-earth analysis from Greensboro's own wizard of wisdom. Holian 2016, you heard it here first.